- Active Your Warranty Here -

Fill the simple sheet and your product will be under 2 years warranty and 90 days money back guarantee for no reason.

How to active your warranty?

Step 1

Purchase an OSITO Product

To purchase an OSITO product, then you will get an order ID. With this order ID, you got a chance to receive free gift or extra accessories!

Step 2

Check the product

After receiving the parcel, please check if the product in good condition, please contact osito_service@163.com if any queries, your matters will be solved by professional within 24 hours. If no problem, please find the warranty card and visit this web site for a long warranty and gifts!

Step 3

Active your warranty account

Got 2 minutes to fill the above information correctly, so that we could active your orders accordingly. ( Please kindly note that the line with“*” is must filled)

Step 4

Convenient Assistant

Scan above QR code, add OSITO WhatsApp account for a fast active warranty and all other after-service.

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